Auto Show and what customers want from the automotive industry

The IRAN STANDARD & QUALITY INSPECTION, according to its annual process, in order to understand the potential of the community from the automotive industry on the sidelines of the third Tehran Motor Show, has conducted a survey of visitors to the exhibition, experts and car industry activists on the issues of the automotive industry, with the results It is displayed online at the company’s booth.

In this research, 1024 visitors were asked about the best solution to the current problems of the automotive industry, the most important criterion in buying spare parts, the willingness to perform periodic services in the network of authorized after-sales service providers in the warranty period, and ultimately the management solution The price of the car has been questioned. In this research, 90.3% of respondents make it men, and more than 67% of respondents are bachelor and senior, with an average age of 34 years.

What is the best way to get out of the current challenges of the automotive industry?

In this research, visitors are asked what is their best solution to solve current problems in the automotive industry? 47.4 percent of them have proposed a free competition among automakers by releasing prices and eliminating customs tariffs as a good way to get out of the current state of the automotive industry. Of the respondents, 26.9% of the respondents included the private sector entering the automotive industry, 15.2% government support of the automotive industry, and about 10% of the links between the university and the automotive industry have been considered as an effective solution to the current problems of the automotive industry.

What is the most important criterion for customers to buy spare parts from your point of view?

The third international auto exhibition was held to introduce the capabilities of this industry in the field of vehicle interior, parts and related industries. Hence, getting visitors’ opinion about the criteria of buying spare parts can be important for industrial planners.

Considering the importance of car spare parts supply in the customers’ perspective, his main criterion for buying spare parts was questioned, of which 52.5% of people referred to the quality of parts as the main criterion in the purchase of spare parts. After that, the car manufacturer’s guarantee of 16.3%, the parts brand with 10.6%, the previous experience with 8.1% and 5.1% of the people, also considered effective advertising as the main criterion for the purchase of spare parts. Finally, the order of mechanics with 4.7% and the price of spare parts with 1.9%, respectively, at the end of the list are the most important criteria for buying spare parts for the visitors of the Tehran Motor Show.

The tendency to refer to after-sales service dealers in the warranty period

Of the important indicators in checking the status of the authorized after-sales service vehicle network, is the willingness of customers to return to the dealership for periodic maintenance and repairs after the warranty is completed. Regarding this issue, visitors were asked how much they would like to make car service after the warranty is completed within authorized after sales service dealers. As it can be seen, about 31.1% of visitors have a high interest in returning to after-sales car dealers after the end of their warranty period.

What do you think is the right solution for managing car prices in the current situation?

Car prices are one of the most important criteria for customers when shopping. The importance of this will be greater when car purchasing options are limited in proportion to their budget. On the other hand, the viewpoint of the society could not be important for decision makers of the automotive industry due to the expensive costs of their cars and their solutions to price management.

The enthusiasts and visitors of the Tehran Motor Show have been asked about vehicle price management solutions. The results indicate that 45.3% of respondents considered the liberalization of car imports alongside the strengthening of car production as the main solution to the decline in prices, after which the return of international automobile manufacturers and automobile assembly with 25.7%, relied entirely on Interior design and production with 18.1% and 10.9%, as well as the lack of automobile production and vehicle imports into the country, are considered as a good way to reduce prices.

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