Automotive is the third most active industry in Iran.

Market Research Agency of Iran Standard & Quality Inspection has worked closely with almost every companies that are active in the Iran Automotive Market.

Since all domestic and international automotive companies should be inspected by the Iran Standard & Quality Inspection Co.  Market Research Agency of ISQI provide an opportunity for these companies to have critical market analyzes and customer data.

Gaining the opinions and preferences from customer’s point of view is the expertise of Market Research Agency of Iran Standard & Quality Inspection.

Car clinic is as one of the most efficient way to assess, analyze and research the Iran automotive market. With car clinic, respondents may have the opportunity to experience vehicle design, performance, interior/exterior and competitor test materials.

Qualitative research methods such as In-Depth Interviews (IDIs) or Focus Group discussions (FGDs) and quantitative methods such as surveys support organizations with the insight and data to understand what their customers really think and feel about the vehicles they own and the ones they dream of owning.

It is an opportunity for all international automotive companies to enter the Iran virginal market with the extensive insights provided by professional market research experts of the Iran Standard & Quality Inspection.