Car Clinic

You might think of it as a beauty contest among cars, with target-market consumers serving as the judges. … Target-market consumers (i.e., potential buyers) are recruited to view the cars or trucks, indicate preferences, and provide ratings and opinions

One of the possible ways to gain more input about the opinions and preferences from the customer’s point of view is the “car clinic.” A car clinic could be described as an extensive analysis which can be either based on the dynamic or involving motion, or static, involving stationary prototypes or test materials.

During a typical car clinic, respondents may have the opportunity to experience vehicle design, performance, interior/exterior and competitor test materials.

What a Car Clinic can uncover in Customer and Market Research Department of Iran Standard & Quality Inspection:




Interior/exterior experience

Segmentation insights

Marketing messaging

Pricing insights

Market positioning

Competitive insights

Our Car Clinics provide crucial guidance at key moments throughout the innovation and development process, using flexible, efficient methods, to help you optimise new or existing models and prevent costly mistakes.