Customer Satisfaction Survey on the Signal Strength and Cost of Mobile Phone Operators

Survey of mobile subscribers showed that about 63% of people are satisfied with the signal strength and coverage of mobile operators.

IRAN STANDARD & QUALITY  INSPECTION  as a value-generating brand elected by the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Commerce on the Telecom Expo, and to support Iranian goods and services made a survey of some of the mobile phone operators users regarding some of the indicators that affect customer satisfaction of the services of mobile operators.

At present, the use of mobile phone at various levels of the international community has become a fundamental need. Progress has been made in our country, along with the global advancement of the communications industry. The three mobile operators MCI, Irancell and Rightel are among the leading operators in the development of operator services and are the main providers of mobile phone services in Iran. In this research, the status of the provision of mobile operator services has been examined from the perspective of customer satisfaction of the cost of conversations, the signal strength and the mobile number portability service.

In this research, 357 mobile phone subscribers surveyed, about 60% of whom were women. The average age of people is about 30 years old and 56% of the respondents uses MCI and 39.2% of Irancell subscribers and 4.8% are using Rightel.

The main indicators of service evaluation are customer satisfaction with service charges. Satisfaction of 34.73% of the respondents are high about the cost of conversation services, and about 24% of them have a low & very low satisfaction with the cost of talking to their mobile phone. In this research, mobile subscribers’ satisfaction with conversation costs averages 53.8 from the 100. In this index, Irancell has achieved the highest satisfaction, after which MCI & Rightel are slightly different from each other in the second and third place.



Signal strength, especially in cities, has come to the fore of the basic needs of mobile subscribers. In a way that if it is in an inappropriate situation, it causes people to be dissatisfied, and in contrast, it will increase the customer’s satisfaction if has a good status.

Customers’ satisfaction with coverage and signal strength is higher than the average cost of calls, with an average of 65 points from the top 100 points. In this index, the highest ranked customer satisfaction was obtained by MCI, followed by Rightel and Irancell’s second and third ranks. Overall, 62.7% of the respondents had a high level of satisfaction with the coverage and signal strength, while 17.6% of them said they were unhappy with their signal status.

Other issues that have been considered in this research are the Mobile number portability. portability is a feature that allows users to use a different service of different mobile operators with the same number. In other words, if this service is available, subscribers can choose their operator without changing their number.


According to the survey, 7.9% of respondents have used the service so far, of whom 42.8% are satisfied with receiving this service and about 25% are not. Also, access to better signal strength (about 40 percent abundance), the use of higher Internet speeds (about 25 percent abundance) and lower Internet costs (with 15 percent abundance) can be considered as the most important reasons for the use of this service. It should be noted that in this research, about 60.7% of subscribers of this service, use the service to transfer from other operators to Irancell & almost 25% of respondents use this service to transfer to MCI.

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