Call Center

Iranian Standard Quality Inspection Call Center is located in an office space of 750 square meters, separated from the central building of Iran Standard Quality Inspection Company in the west of Tehran. The facility’s hardware and male features are provided in such a way that it is simply possible to conduct multiple projects for collecting information and surveying according to the company’s expectations.

The Center’s capabilities for the various types of research, marketing in the shortest possible time have led various industries to use their services to continuously improve their performance in relation to clients.



Hardware infrastructure

  • A separate server to provide the services needed
  • 24-hour face
  • Wireless cable network to increase efficiency
  • Provides safe communication and reporting from anywhere
  • Cisco Systems Servers in Network Infrastructure
  • Tin Collaboration in the form of contact canter

Communication equipment

  • Take appropriate 300-line telephony infrastructure
  •  Ability to make 72000 minutes of conversation on a daily basis
  • Always record all phone interviews
  •  Provide Internet and radio services
  • Use of macroscopic equipment to manage the internal network from anywhere

Software systems

  •  The software system for collecting questionnaires
  •  Extensive information systems available
  • In the system instantly with related software :EXCEL ACCESS, etc.
  • The software control capability of the questionnaire simultaneously
  • Use the three-layer encryption system on the software and server platform to minimize potential security mesh.
  • Design and create a “dashboard” indicator for monitoring and monitoring the momentum on results and statistics
  • Software Provider Reporting Online
  • Possibility to streamline research or marketing in less than one working day space.

Physical space

  • Has a centralized physical space for deploying 204 call terminals designed to run simultaneously in different ways without interfering.
  • A separate marketing site with 40 concurrent terminals for implementing marketing projects
  • Separate server rooms as a safe space to focus
  • Servers and the use of common resources with patentability, permeability and reliability of data