ISQI is selected as the top organization of Tehran province in 2018.

Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Company after being selected as the national
organization by the National Iranian Standards Organization in 2018, received the statue of the standard organization of Tehran province.
ISQI Company was selected as the sample inspection company of Tehran Province in the year 2018 at the commemoration of the International Standards Day and the appreciation of the superior organizations of Tehran province (27 Nov).
The ceremony was held by the General Directorate of Tehran Province under the slogan “International Standards and the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, in which the chairman, deputy and a group of directors of the National Iranian Standard Organization, Islamic Consultative Assembly, Chancellor of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mining and Agriculture of Iran And a group of private sector representatives were present at the Cultural and Educational Complex of Tehran.
Nayereh Piroozbakht, the head of the National Organization of Standardization at the ceremony, referred to the appreciation of the standard selection in the province of Tehran, saying: “Each year, along with the international standard day, in addition to the national organizations, producers in each province are also introduced.
Speaking at the General Assembly this year, the issue of helping standards to achieve sustainable development goals were raised by stating that standard indicators have changed in the International Standard Organization.
Mahmood Reza Taheri, director general of the province of Tehran, during his speech at the ceremony, emphasized on the necessity and expansion of standards in different areas of the province, said: Kindergartens should be standard in a variety of aspects, including those used in it. We also plan to reach a consensus on the organization of parks in Tehran to issue standard certificates for Tehran’s parks.
Taheri said that there are more than 18 telecommunication channels in different provinces in Tehran. This type of service should also be standard.
Taheri continued: In the area of knowledge-based activities in Tehran, 10 certificates have been issued for the products of knowledge-based companies in the field of standardization.
At today’s ceremony, 23 high-tech companies in the field of observance of standards in Tehran province, including Iran Standard and Quality Inspection, were honored.
The Iran Standard and Quality Inspection Company has already received the Nobel Peace Accreditation Assessment Unit (NAM) from the National Iranian Standards Organization as a national sampling unit at the International Standards Day this year, and has been in the field of technical inspection for more than 30 years. Testing, certification, consultancy, training and market research in the automotive industry, propulsion, oil, gas and petrochemicals,industrial equipment, elevators, goods and services.

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