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What opinion do customers of mobile telecommunications companies have about them?

Nowadays using the internet services is one of the obvious services which is common in the societies.

Due to the development of the smart phones, providing mobile internet services are considered to be basic needs of the customers.

Even many customers use the Smartphone only to have access to the mobile internet services.

Considering the importance of the mobile service providers, Iran Standard & Quality Inspection co. on the sideline of the 24th Elecomp Exhibition conducted a survey of mobile service providers’ customers on Internet services.

A total of 470 survey visitors were surveyed, of whom approximately 57% are women.

The average age was 27 years old and about 79% had a bachelor’s degree. About 91% of respondents are usually using mobile internet.

45.5% of the respondents are the MCI subscribers and 44.8% subscribe to Irancell and 9.7% use Rightel.

The reason why subscribers use mobile Internet operator services is one of the indicators that are important in market research.

The satisfaction of 54.9% of respondents is high and very high on the speed of the mobile Internet, and only 6.6% of them have a low satisfaction with their internet speed.

Satisfaction with the variety of packages provided by mobile operators compared to the speed of the internet, it shows a lower average, with 31.9% of the respondents having a high degree of satisfaction with diversity.

While 22.3% were dissatisfied with the variety of Internet packages offered.

Elecomp Exhibition Elecomp Exhibition
Elecomp Exhibition Elecomp Exhibition


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