A Survey of Tehran’s Citizens’ Media habits

A Survey of Tehran’s Citizens’ Media habits “From the Perspective of Citizens of Tehran” (with emphasis on television, radio, press)

RighTel Communications

Mobile phone Network Company

Awareness of audience perspectives and the level of satisfaction and consequence of that habitual mindset of the audience’s attitude is important to the media and of course it facilitates the formulation of media programs and policies.

RighTel is the third mobile phone network operator of Iran. A project is defined for Rightel Company in order to study Mobile phone subscriber’s media habits. Customer and Market Research Department of Iran Standard & Quality Inspection conducted this project in the Tehran province by its expert Face to Face interviewers. In this project 7150 questionnaires were completed Face to Face over various origins and cities of the Tehran province. The questionnaire containing following questions:

  • The use of media and the causes of media selection priority.
  • The usage duration for each media
  • The Media Ranking according to the advertising and how it affects the people’s recommendations.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the level of satisfaction of the audience and the level of use to the communication channel.

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